Poe Bar

Poe is a bar located in Limassol, Cyprus. Its name is inspired by the great poet ‘Edgar Allan Poe’. By entering the place, anyone will feel the retro atmosphere; from the classic furniture to the vintage posters which cover a significant amount of the walls.
However, this ambient comes in great combination with the contemporary and unique products this place offers to its customers. A large variety of well-known cocktails, along with signature cocktails of the bar can be found through the pages of the menu. Worth-mentioning are the different platters which are irresistible and extremely tasteful.

Our Mission

Our mission was to design a menu that would combine vintage with contemporary. Therefore we decided to create a base made out of plywood (wood) where the paper would rest. We have chosen a 220 g/m^2 off-white paper that would enhance the retro feeling. The base and the paper are bond together with black steel screws to achieve a contemporary touch. The size of the whole design is almost square (24cm x 23 cm).